Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Review for Far Outside the Ordinary by Prissy Elrod

5 stars
Sad but enjoyable story

I usually don’t read many memoirs for pleasure, but I picked this book up because it’s an account of what the author went through when her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor that would take his life.  Glioblastoma is an aggressive tumor that’s hard to remove surgically because of the way it grows into the brain with finger-like projections. 

My sister-in-law died of this same tumor in 2009, so I was interested in this story.  It turns out this man, Boone Kuersteiner, finally ended up at the Stanislaw Burzynski Clinic in Houston as a final effort to save his life.  This MD is from Poland and uses an unconventional treatment for cancer patients.  The FDA doesn’t approve his infusion therapy and he has claims against him for fraud and non-compliance, but when you’re desperate, what else can you do?  Boone’s wife, Prissy, was ever hopeful that she would find a cure in time to save her husband.  He had undergone brain surgery, chemo, radiation, and even visited an Indian shaman for his disease.

Prissy attended seminars on brain cancer and kept looking for cures, until all was exhausted and Boone was tired of fighting.

This book does have some funny moments despite the dismal nature of the outcome.  These times mainly concern the help that Prissy hires to get her through this awful time taking care of Boone.  It’s amazing what she was able to do and to put up with for Bonne’s care.

After he passes not all is lost after all, as she assumed it would be.

This book is a fast read with short chapters.  I recommend it, especially to readers who’ve lost a loved one to cancer.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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