Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Night time Ramblings

Well I'm still waiting for my proof which won't get here until next week now. I was hoping to get it read this weekend to see if I need to make any changes, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Kind of have my hands full now anyway, but wanted to start writing and it will be distracting to go back to the finished book.

A friend left for Idaho yesterday and today I found out another guy I know has terminal cancer. What a bummer. The old man next door has terminal cancer too. Don't know which one will go first, but I'm pretty sure they'll be gone by Halloween or Thanksgiving. It just goes to show you that this life is short and you never know what's coming. It's best to seize the day, or the moment, or whatever you have, and fill it with what counts. I try to live by that, but sometimes it's hard to do. Been trying to take the old man, Bob, some food etc. and check on him because he's all alone. He has a grown son who lives out of state that visits once in awhile, but he just trashes the place and doesn't pick up after himself. His father sure can't do it. A lot of times he can hardly move or get out of bed all day.

I did go out last night and had way too much mexican food. We met some friends at this new place that opened up and the food was terrific. I rarely eat that anymore anyway, so if it's in moderation I guess it's okay. That's the only kind of food my family can agree on when we all get together, which isn't very often. They eat that a lot in TX. It's no wonder almost everyone is over weight. Most of the time I try to stick to salad if I can. anyway this restaurant last night had one downfall and that was a table of kids run rampant. They screamed and ran around all over and the adults simply ignored them. It looked like pigs ate at that table and not children, with food all over the table, floor, chairs, etc. I felt sorry for the wait staff. I know we would have gotten killed if we acted that way when we were kids.

I think it's probably a good thing I never had any kids. Having kids doesn't mean they'll be there for you when you get old, like a lot of people think. Kids do grow up, move away, and have their own lives. I like to write and tell children stories, but then send them home to Mama. I think I would be to much of a disciplinarian in todays world. I have too much of my grandmother in me. She'd always tell us "children could be seen but not heard from, so you couldn't speak unless spoken to." I think all seven of us grew up all right in an atmosphere like that.

Ok, I better get with it. It grows late again and, even though I'm a night owl by nature, I have to halfway watch the time. I hate being a clock watcher, but I posted a sign above my desk - at eye level - that says "Watch the time" so I don't get myself in trouble all the time with the rest of the family. So I'm off to do my night chores which include giving my old cat a pill, scooping cat boxes, locking all the doors, etc. so I can get to bed and listen to Coast to Coast until I doze off.

Blessings all,

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finally finished my children's novel

Well, I can hardly believe I've reached the end of the road with this novel. The writing process is such an ordeal at times, especially editing over and over again to get it all perfect. Now as if all this editing wasn't enough by itself, I still had the cover to do after reading the ms a jillion times.

Then silly me, I decided to use the wacom tablet I got for my birthday to design the book cover. I've always used photoshop, but this was a real learning curve. Actually once you get the hang of it, it's kind of fun although very intense. You're actually painting pixels on the computer screen. It's really neat how it works. But it's a real challenge to keep things straight. And also to remember which color you're using, although that can be fixed if you make a boo-boo. In that way it's like oil painting. The bright colors are very hard on your eyes, though, after awhile. It's kind of like seeing spots after someone's been taking pictures or coming in out of the bright sunlight. In fact it was so intense, I had to take a day off in between when I was working on it. I think it turned out real well considering it's my first stab at it using that tablet, and it certainly fits the theme of the book which is what I was going for. I'll post a pic here and let you be the judge for yourselves.

So what do you think? I uploaded this book to my publisher today, so if my files are in order I'll be recieving my proof soon. It should be out the end of August or first part of September 2010. You can read an excerpt at my website if you like.

All feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Now it's on to my next venture. Until next time, blessings to all.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Editing Goes On

Well, I'm still editing which I guess is no surprise. The book desperately needed commas added so while I was doing that, on the umpteenth read through, I changed a few other things as well to make it read better. I still have about a hundred pages to go and then I'll be tackling the cover.

Some days it's slow going and I don't get to it at all, so when I do I try to edit at least two chapters before I have to quit. If it was up to me, I'd just stick with it until it was finished if I had to stay up all night. But alas, it's not up to me.

I'm still hoping to have it to the publisher by the end of August, but that hope is dwindling more everyday. What can I say? I know this story front to back and back to front from reading it so many times. Of course that's the way with all my books. I've read them all fifty times before I'm ready to get them published.

I already have thoughts for the sequel buzzing through my head, as well as thoughts for the sequel to the medieval story I wrote last year. I have so much writing to do, if I can get out of editor mode, and find all the scraps of paper I've made notes on along the way.

I better get back at it. It's already 10 pm here and it won't be long until I have to quit for the night. I simply hate that. I'm a night owl and do my best work in the wee hours, but I have to keep the peace.

Hopefully my next post will be announcing the new book. Wouldn't that be nice?