Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

WIP (Works in Progress)

Ok, I just finished my experience with NaNo 2012 and I'm now finishing the book I started a month ago.  I've abandoned my usual ship of fantasy and this book will be my first mystery novel.  I'm not sure how crazy this is, but this book was awfully easy to write, so maybe it's a good thing.

I'm using "Danger Lurks" for my working title, that will change.

Here is a short synopsis:

Growing up for Allie Brown isn’t easy.  Born into a house of prostitution, going through foster care, and a rebellious adolescence, Allie finds herself face-to-face with the sheriff and behind bars more than once.

This party girl does have one redeeming quality – taking care of her friends.  Her older sister, Steph, tries to keep her reined in, but Allie’s stubborn and bent on her mission to find justice when her friend, Robert, is murdered.  Caught with his blood on her clothes, Sheriff Donavan is convinced she’s guilty.  She resents the fact he’s always hauling her in for things she didn’t do.

As Allie goes on the hunt to track down Robert’s killer and prove her own innocence, she learns about his mafia involvement.  In the process, more bodies turn up.  She’s tired of her sister’s lectures telling her to sober up, let the police investigate the crimes.  Steph’s also putting pressure on to get her PI license and come to work for her in her agency.

Allie soon finds herself having to do things she never envisioned, and involved in the most dangerous and biggest scandal of her life.  Instead of starting over with the respectable life Steph envisions for both of them, Allie draws her sister into the melee.  They find themselves trying to stay one-step ahead of someone who’s trying to kill them because they’re getting too close.  With a killer on the loose, they don’t want to become the NEXT TARGET.

*   *   *   

For NaNo 2013, I started on another mystery, which will eventually become the sequel to the book above.  I'm still working on this one but have it about two-thirds of the way to the finish line.  I'll post the synopsis later.  I don't want to do that before the launch of the first book.

*   *   *   

In betweeen the two books mentioned above, I finally finished my family book of stories.  This was a ten-year project that I collaborated on with my sisters.  I bound this book myself, so I could make copies for family members.  I won't be making it available on Amazon.

*   *   *

In my spare time, I write short fantasy stories about my cats and other talking animals.  This is something that entertains me and I don't know why.  It's fun for me to imagine what my cats would say and do in certain situations.  They all have their own personalities.  I post some of this stuff over on my other blog - Surviving Life.

Beyond all this, I have numerous stories I've started on and a fat folder of ideas or paragraphs for future stories written on scraps of paper.  I imagine this is the case with most writers.  Sometimes if I'm at a loss, I dig in there for ideas.

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