Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Still Editing My Next Book

Well as my life goes, I'm still working on the edits for my last novel. I was buzzing along and then went back over it again, and then a third time, each time changing or correcting something else. I'm now on chapter two going over it a fourth time. Hopefully this one will do it. I also have the manuscript out to a couple people to read and give me feedback. Still planning on publishing it sometime in August 2010, but next month is approaching quickly.

I'm also designing the cover and using a new program for that, so it's slow going. I didn't get a lot accomplished today. Unfortunately, I can't work on this full time since I have a life going on here as well. Sometimes, I simply have to take a book and go downstairs and read, after dinner and the dishes are done. And as I do this, I think about all the things I need to do - like update my website, and finish my edit, and write. But my husband thinks I'm obsessed with my "projects" so I have to make my appearance downstairs, on some evenings, even though he's engrossed in politics or on the net himself. Anyway, eventually I'll finish everything - I hope.

The book I'm reading now (Cloud Chamber by Michael Dorris) was so very boring and finally started getting good after the first 150 pages. I know why it was boring - too much narrative and very little dialogue. Just goes to show you how important dialogue is to a story. A writer should never go on and on with pages of rambling narrative. If I wasn't persistent, I would have put the book down long ago.

If anyone would like, you can check out my book page on Facebook at this link:!/pages/Adrift-in-Fantasy-Realms/134266636610429?ref=sgm

I'll post an excerpt to my new book on my website soon, so stayed tuned.

Until next time. Never give up what you love to do.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finished Novel Three - My First Children's Book

Hi everyone,

I'm exhausted and really have neglected this blog. Shame on me. The ABNA contest is over and I edited and polished my entry and will be publishing it in Aug. This will be my first kids story. I'm now working on the cover while a couple friends are reading the novel for any last minute changes.

I have an old cat who has seizures, among other problems, and he fell out of the cat tree this afternoon with another seizure. That's about an eight foot drop. I'm thankful he didn't hurt himself - that's all he needs.

I've been trying to get some online freelance work too so that takes a lot of time plus I'm working on another story. There's no time for everything and I constantly run on about four hours of sleep a night. I'm getting too old for this. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with this and updating my website on a regular basis. I'll post a short excerpt from my new book soon.