Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Website Finished

Another project was my website which I am happy to say I sent for publication today 28 June, 2008. It took me about three weeks to build that thing. Again, like I mentioned before, I am no computer guru. Sometimes I question my own sanity as to why I get myself into things like this that I know nothing about. I think it boils down the fact it was a challenge as well as a money issue of course. It is always cheaper to do things yourself right? Plus doing it yourself gives you ultimate control over the outcome.

Again I can say I learned so much by the experience and it's always good to learn something new although I can say I am quite thankful that is done. Again at times I was pulling my hair out but it really turned out well and I can always revise it if I think I need to when I learn more about designing websites. It should be up and running but the 30th of June. Please visit at You can read an excerpt from my novel Haversham Hill and inform yourself about other things I am working on.
Happy reading. Sunni

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