Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter is Definitely Here

Well here I am being tardy again with my posting. Time goes way too fast for me. It's very hard to write, edit, do all the holiday thing, etc. Sorry about that.

Now I'm turning my attention to the ABNA contest of 2011. Getting my entry ready. More on this later. I'm afraid the power will go out here since it always does quite frequently when it storms.

Winter has definitely arrived here. We've had nothing but rain and lots of it. It rained 7 days straight here in the desert, which is very unusual. We got two years worth! Now the weather has turned cold today and we had rain all day long, but it is turning into the "s" word now. The dreaded "s" word. I hate that because it is too cold for my blood. I dream of those tropical islands or the 100 degree summer days. The howling north wind has found us again too. It has hardly blown at all for a few months now.

I have read more indie books too, so have those reviews to post later.

Hope everyone's holiday was great and you all have a healthy and happy New Year. And hopefully the economy will get better and 2011 will be more prosperous for us all.


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