Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Writer’s Resources

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The following website has eye opening information for writers regardless of genre.  Don’t be fooled just because it is sponsored by Science Fiction Writers of America.

 You’ll find info here on copyrights, agents, self-publishing, vanity presses, anthologies, services for writers and contests.  This site is a resource for literary scams.  It’s a good idea to read the info here and bookmark this sit for future reference.  It may save you money and lots of frustration before diving into something that sounds great.  I think all writers should surf around this site.  You can learn much before jumping into unknown territory.  There is so much to read on this site, it’ll keep you busy for weeks.

 Another good one to check is Preditors and Editors here:

Preditors& Editors

Again, there are lots of categories for writers to explore from contest to software to publishers and everything else writing related.  There is also a warnings section here for writers where you’ll find general rules for spotting scams in the literary world.  At the bottom, on the warnings page, is also a section for URL’s with broken links, sites that contain viruses, or link you to pornography.

 It is worth looking up publishers on this site to find out if they are a place that you want to do business with before you make any decisions about your book.

 This one will also take you a couple of weeks to go through, if you read all it has to offer.  Be sure to bookmark for future reference.

 Happy writing everyone.


Lisa Fender said...

Yeah, I was shown those sites a while back and scrolled through them, very helpful indeed. It was when I was trying to decide which way to self-pub. Either Bookbaby or createspace. I'm glad I did. It helped me to make a uniformed decision.

Sunni said...


Thanks for visiting. There is a lot of info here if people take time to check out all these links. We do need to read as much as possible to make informed decisons.