Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Book Review of Far Out by Rev Audie Derryberry

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The reason I downloaded this book and read it is two-fold.  I follow a blog that listed this book as a free download, so I decided to read it because I enjoy this author’s blog posts.  In addition, this is a new author and this is his first book so he deserves a chance.  It’s a short and easy read.

In my opinion, this book would probably be of most interest to people who like science fiction, space travel, and the study of Christianity.  The book is centered on a family living in the southern California desert.  The father, James, is a retired astronaut, but is very interested in space, our origins and where we’re going.  After his retirement, he builds his own time travel machine in a laboratory he constructs at home.

After everything is ready, he travels back in time and then forward in time to see what will happen to Earth.  According to our main character, James, everything will end more-or-less in 2018, which is 70 years after the last generation born when Israel became a nation in 1948.  The story is based on Bible scripture and the author’s interpretation of that scripture.

This book is well written, but isn’t the type of literature I usually read.  However, if you’re into Bible scriptures and space books you’ll enjoy this.  It would be a fun way to get your Christian message across to younger readers.  The author says he wrote it to provoke thought and offers the scripture the book is based on free of charge through email at the back of the book.

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