Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Do You Let Negativity Seep Into Your Writing?

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Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that this can happen, as we aren’t always happy about our situation sometimes. However, I try hard to maintain a positive outlook. Mood affects us all and that isn’t a good thing unless, perhaps, you’re ready to write a murder scene.

Do not listen to negative people who try to discourage you from your dreams. You may not be the next New York Times bestseller. So what? You are slowly working on your dream and that’s okay. Nothing happens overnight, we all know that. I used to be upset over things people would say about my writing life, but not anymore. At least I try not to let it get to me. Most people you meet won’t have a writing passion, so they can’t understand what pushes you to express yourself in this way.

In this economy, many of us are out of work too, but don’t let that fact take over your life either, just because you wish your writing would pay the bills. Believe me; I get this all the time. As they say, you have to grow a thick skin to be a writer. It is just a shame when your friends are also critics. When I say that, I mean of this lifestyle, not of my writing skills. If your friends are like mine, chances are they’ve never read one word of your writing. Don’t let this dampen your spirit. If you persist, you will only get better at what you do. You are still pursuing something you love and can take this extra time to improve your skills. Somehow, when you think about it, all things work out.

Yes, I know we still have to survive in the meantime. I’m not a total dreamer although people tell me at least once a day that I live in a fantasy world all the time. We can’t all be millionaires or even well off, or retired with accrued income coming in. I’ll always have to work, even after I retire, but it’s best to be doing something anyway. There isn’t any point in getting down about that. Keeping your mind active as long as you can is a good thing. I try to pick up odd writing jobs, hoping something a little more concrete will come along eventually. Keeping a positive attitude is the key thing.

Try to relax and participate in networking with other writers and writer’s groups, post to your blog. You never know what is waiting down the road and some opportunity may present itself. If it doesn’t, you still will stay informed about writing, keep your mind sharp and you’ll be practicing your craft at the same time.

There really are good things that happen around you everyday. You just have to take notice of them. I’m a believer that what you put out there comes back to you, so you can see how sending out positive energy will attract positive energy and vice versa. Besides, no one will want to be around you if you’re sour all the time. Everyone has his or her own problems to deal with.

So keep your mood out of the picture and go forth with a positive mindset. You are alive to write another day, after all, and chances are Mother Nature is putting on a lovely display outside your window.


Joyce Lansky said...

I love the pep talk, but at the same time, I get really tired of these constant rejections.

Sunni said...


Thanks for stopping by, reading, and posting.

We have to stay positive because life is full of rejections. You can never just give up. That's my motto at least.

I generally answer promptly, but I've been out of state and just got back.

I'll check out your site. Thanks for posting the link.