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Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Grand Prize Winner for ABNA 2013

From ABNA website

Here is the winning book, Timebound, a Y/A time travel novel.

Cover of winning book

Naturally, this wasn’t my pick, but this was an interesting excerpt. This is what they say about this book on the ABNA website. Readers can pre-order the book now for a 35% discount. The book will be out October 22, 2013.

In Timebound, seventeen-year-old Kate learns that she's inherited a genetic license to time travel when her grandmother shares a strange blue medallion, an even stranger tale about future historians, and the unshakeable conviction that the fate of half the planet lies in Kate's hands.

Kirkus Book Reviews said author Rysa Walker exhibits "sharp writing, a flair for dialogue and a big, twisting imagination."

Congratulations to the author of this book: Rysa Walker

Rysa Walker - the lucky author

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