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Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What do you think?

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Lately, we’ve had a couple of news items that I’m sure people would have certain opinions about.  One in the news here is the polygamy ruling and the other is the cell phone on flights debate.  Since I wanted to avoid politics and religion on my blogs, I guess we’ll address the one about using cell phones on airline flights.

There is a debate going on to lift the current ban on using cell phones in-flight.  The FCC ruled to look into this current ban further, citing the fact that technology has changed, the rule is obsolete, and now cell phones don’t interfere with the cockpit instruments as they supposedly did in the past.

There was an article about this on CNN travel a few days ago.  To read the whole article go here.  I think we all know how this will end up although nothing is settled yet, but I have a feeling they will toss everything to the wind and soon we’ll be listening to constant chatter for hours coming from all directions on the plane.  I don’t fly that often, but in my view, there will be no more peace and quiet if this happens.  Technology marches on.  The airlines now allow laptops and tablets on flights after the plane reaches cruising altitude.  That’s okay because typing is still rather peaceful and not disturbing, as it’s a quiet endeavor.  One has to admit that you can accomplish a lot of “work” while you’re just sitting there.

I can’t say the same for cell phones.  Today you can’t go anywhere and not find at least half the people there are on their devices.  This becomes quite annoying and I believe if they change the laws all the remaining solitude of an airline flight becomes a thing of the past.  There will be no place to go to escape the noise.  The crying babies and unruly children are enough to put up with, but can you imagine listening to fifty people or more talking non-stop for three or four hours?  You’d probably learn more about their private lives than you’d ever want to know.

What happened to talking to your neighbor, which might be a very enjoyable experience, or just dragging out a book and having some quiet time?  People today are addicted to their devices.

What do you think?  Are you for or against this?

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