Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sometimes I wonder if editing will ever end

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I know many of us feel that way at times.  I’m still working on my mystery book that I finished writing a year ago.  I’m doing corrections and rewriting in places.  Generally, the result is adding more in the way of word count for me and not taking away word count.  I think I talk too much in general and this carries over into my writing.  So I’m trying to be careful about going through and removing redundant material and “garbage” words.  However, I’m not removing all of them if it sounds better to leave them in.  I’m hoping it doesn’t take me another year to get this book finished.  There are times I have to remind myself not to get frustrated.  Meanwhile, the next book in this series is sitting in my WIP folder, as I’ve already written the majority of it during the NaNo in November.

As some of you know, I’m trying to sell stuff, pack, and get the house ready to sell, etc at the same time.  This task is really cutting into my writing time, as well as looking for a place to move from here, so I’ve been lax about posting as often as I should.  Eventually, I’ll get back on a regular schedule again.

Happy writing everyone and lots of success in 2014


Lisa Fender said...

We are almost finished with the critique and while Robin and I go over your manuscript you can start on the next. I'm looking forward to just sitting down and reading it and see how the book flows. ;-)

Sunni said...


I'm way behind on finishing up the corrections due to a lot of things I won't even go into right now. I can hardly wait for you guys to read it as a book either and see what you really think. It will be much better than doing it chapter by chapter.

You'll probably get a little break between while I finish up the corrections because there is only one more chapter after the one you have now.

I really appreciate you guys more than you know.

Sunni :)