Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Do you like historical fiction?

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I’m hoping to post an interview here shortly from a great writer I found by accident.  She writes historical fiction with a time travel twist.  Her books really hooked me from the get-go and I have all of them.  Her series is about eight books long now and I’m talking long books (800-1000+ pages each).

I was shopping in the library once, in the basement where they had sales going on every month until they built a new library here.  I found her first book in the series there and the blurb on the jacket encouraged me to buy it.  All I can say is that I’m glad I did.  I’d never heard of this woman or her series of books.

The first novel takes place in Scotland with a US woman traveling back in time while on vacation with her historian husband.  I won’t say too much more so as not to spoil the read for anyone looking to buy Diana Gabaldan’s books.  I can say, you won’t be disappointed.  I was so enthralled that I took the book with me to the kitchen and read it while cooking dinner.  I couldn’t put the book down.  About halfway through it, I began to look to see if there were other books and if it was a series.

After I found out there were more, I scoured the used bookstores here and then ended up buying them over the internet.  Unbelievably, I read almost all the books in about two weeks.  I’m ready to start over and reread them again.  These books will always be in my library.  How many books fall into this category?

Right now, this author is on a book signing tour with her latest book Written in my Own Heart’s Blood.  Naturally, I went out and snatched this book up, as I wanted it in hardcover like my others.

If you’re into this kind of read, you might want to check this out.  I’ll take pics of my books and post them next time, hopefully with the interview from the author.

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