Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Can you really judge a good book by its cover?

I’ve been thinking about book covers lately because I will be in need of one sometime this year for my new mystery book.  First, I have to buckle down and finish the rewrites.  But I have something particular in mind for this book of mine, which lead me to look up, supposedly, the best covers of 2014.

I’m posting some links here so anyone that cares to can look at these covers for themselves.  I don’t mean to be critical because surely the New York Times, Paste Magazine and Print Magazine should know what a good book cover looks like.  But I have to be truthful about my opinion of these covers.  If I saw any of these books on a bookshelf in the bookstore, I probably wouldn’t pick up any of them.

When a book cover is supposed to be important and the first thing a potential buyer sees, how did these slip by?  I couldn’t tell you what any of these books are about when looking at the cover alone.  I hope they did a better job with the blurb on the back.

The next group are covers that won awards for the best e-book designs for 2014.  These are a little more imaginative.

What do you think?

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