Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Sunday, February 22, 2015

What a great book

I’ve had The Thorn Birds for a while but I picked it up again a couple of weeks ago and started reading it in my ‘chill out’ times.  I forgot what a great story this is.  I can hardly put the book down at night to go to bed.

Yes, I should be working on my book, but I’ve been gathering things for taxes, trying to work out computer issues, keeping the house spotless so we can show it at any time, and dealing with a couple of personal issues concerning close friends.  All I have time for lately is a little reading before bed.

The Thorn Birds was published in 1977 and probably breaks the rules concerning literature today.  There’s not much dialogue in numerous places and lots of descriptions and back story.  Personally I find all this interesting and it doesn’t put me off the story much.  I do wish it had more dialogue though instead of internal thoughts.  Still, it’s a classic so this author did something right.  You should read this book if you haven’t yet, or if it’s been a long time since you held it in your hands. 

My copy is a hard cover book printed on very old paper, the kind that isn’t even on the outer edges.  This only adds to the charm.  I love to hold a physical book when I read.  Does anyone else own actual books anymore, or is everything you read on kindle these days?

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