Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Friday, February 24, 2012

Moving On

Well the first cut of the ABNA contest was yesterday and for the first time since the contest started I’m not moving on. So it is on with other projects. I’m not really too upset by this since the book is already published, but it is a bit disappointing. Writing is a very subjective thing though and it all depends on who is reading your material each time. The funny thing is that I submitted this same manuscript to the very first contest and it did move forward. This was the pitch round, so perhaps I should have rewritten my pitch instead of using the same one from the 2008 contest. The book itself never was looked at.

I am wishing all the best to the contestants moving on. It would be nice to win and get the publishing contract, but self-publishing is really the way books are going and I really wonder how long actual big publishers will stay in business. We have all the tools to do it all ourselves today. A writer can earn more in royalties by self-publishing while controlling all of their books. The only way big publishers may help is with marketing, but I even question how much of that you actually get if you win the contest. Marketing is a big job when most of us would rather be writing.

I will be posting some material on self publishing, so if anyone is interested in that please check back.

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