Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Friday, February 17, 2012

Waiting on Contest Update

The first round is coming to a close in a week for this years ABNA contest. I'm hoping to advance but you never know how these things will go from year to year. If I'm eliminated I'll be cheering for the authors moving on.

I haven't written on my stuff at all in awhile - only a few paragraphs here and there when the mood strikes me. Instead I've been doing a lot of ghostwriting, but it helps to pay the bills. Of course all projects take me longer than expected because I have crazy cats that step on my keyboard and walk in front of the monitor and this is ongoing from day to day. It can be quite annoying but I love them dearly so they get away with all kinds of mischief usually.

I'm looking so forward to summer. I'll be one happy camper to see 80 degrees again! I feel like an eskimo bundled up in all this stuff to stay warm and it isn't as bad here as some places. I just need to live on a tropical isle. Maybe someday.

I'll be back to post a contest update after the 23rd. Thanks to those of you who read any of this stuff. Feel free to become a follower or leave a note.


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