Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book Review - Interesting Fantasy Stories

This book is set in a mysterious place called Snowybrook. Unlike what you may think, this fairy tale is for adults.

Everything in this little village centers on the inn that is run by Mikel Fairdawn. It seems to be the gathering place for all the residents where drink and food and conversation can be had around a roaring fire. Visitors come and go as well throughout the book.

I didn’t really realize it at first but this book is a few short tales all mingled together and centered on the life of Mikel Fairdawn who finds himself involved with fairies, goblins, witches, dragons and the like. Of course the soldiers are always hanging about too and no one in this little village trusts the soldiers.

The innkeeper feels it is his duty to keep everything running smoothly so he tries to intervene to fix any problems that arise, even trying to change the course of history at one point to protect the town from the soldiers. The tales that arise in this book are pretty ridiculous situations, but this is a fairy tale after all and that is what is expected in a good fairy tale.

Mikel does have two helpers at the inn, a fairy named Merrybright and a not-so-bright boy named Bubba. We soon learn that Mikel and Merrybright are in love and having an affair. They sneak off into the woods as time permits, leaving Bubba Boy in charge, which is a recipe for disaster. As I mentioned earlier, Bubba isn’t the sharpest tack in the box. His lack of judgement almost spells disaster for the inn and the entire vale at one point.

Once again Fairdawn comes to the rescue to intervene between the soldiers and to fight a dragon. At one point he even falls under a witch’s spell as he ties to return the sword of a fallen comrade.

Merrybright’s parents don’t approve of her relationship with the innkeeper but they can see it is true love and know she will not marry the fairy they had in mind for her. They finally accept Fairdawn, but in the end he has to prove his true love for her by yet another quest.

This book was interesting and full of crazy characters.

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