Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Introducing the NEW Kindle Fire

We now have kindles with multi-touch, kindles with keyboards, and kindles in color, with prices ranging from $69 to $499. I guess technology keeps moving forward to lure the consumer to the ever changing and improved products.

We now have storage space from 2GB to 64 GB on the device alone and more if you choose cloud storage. The battery life ranges from 8.5 hours to 3 weeks. The color devices use more battery of course, giving the consumer the choice of whether this is worth it or not. Personally, unless you’re reading full color magazines, color newspapers, or watching TV or movies on the device, I see no reason to have the color for books.

Screen size is also now between 6 inch and 9.7 inches and weights vary. Devices are now equipped with a glare proof screen and illumination so it is easier to read in bright sunlight or low light conditions. There are even skins available to personalize your reader. These start at $24.95.

I don’t have one of these devices and have no plans for getting one, but ebooks are here to stay and I do have the kindle for PC. I’d rather read the old-fashioned paper book, but these e-readers definitely have an advantage when it comes to storage space. I just wonder how you would charge the device if the power grid ever had a failure, but I guess that is having a pessimistic attitude and I’m not a pessimistic person. Yet today anything seems possible.

To learn more about these devices here is a link:
Kindle - Meet the Entire Kindle Family


Susan Hawthorne said...

Hi Sunni,
Love your site! I collect fairies and frogs so anything about fairies get's my attention.

You can get a refurbished kindle these days pretty cheaply. The experience on an actual kindle is MUCH better than reading at your computer. It's really like holding an actual book. I love mine, the books you buy are yours forever and no clutter in the house! :) YOu can even lend them to others and borrow from the library!
Anyway, just wanted to say what a nice site you've created.

Sunni said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for visiting and posting. And thanks for your compliments. Yes I love fairies and have them all over my office. I have a sister who collects frogs.

Thanks for your words of experience on the kindle. I have a sister who has one. I can see the advantages when it comes to storage space, but I like to hold the old fashioined book. It would be hard to part with my 1000+ hard bound books.

I'll check out your site.