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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aren’t these guys cute?

This post would normally go on my other blog, but I’m using that one for the A to Z Challenge, so I’m posting this here this time. If you’d like to read any of my posts for the challenge, please go here:

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These are actually antelope squirrels, but we call them chipmunks. They are very curious and mischievous. They run when we go outside, but are soon sneaking a peak from the rocks to see if we’ve brought any peanuts.

We have a few dozen of these little chipmunks that decided to make their home in our rock wall. They are cute, but they are taking the place over. We don’t really mind too much because they are entertaining to watch, but they eat everything in sight. They love peanuts and when we throw some out, they go to work quickly either shelling and eating them on the spot, or packing them off to their burrows. In this way, we are encouraging them to stay around, but I wish they’d stay out of my flowers. I don’t dare plant any veggies either, except that I’ve discovered they don’t like basil.

Today I caught one of these little guys in one of my flowerpots. I was actually surprised that they hadn’t discovered the flowers before now. It’s been two weeks since I planted them. I thought I had finally found something that they wouldn’t eat to the ground. Every year, I try a different kind. Eventually, I’ll find ones they will leave alone, I hope.


Judy Lawn said...

Yes, these little guys are very cute indeed. We don't have anything like them here in New Zealand, although we do have rabbits.

Sunni said...


Thank you for visiting me from New Zealand. That is an honor. That's a long way from me. The internet is a marvelous place.

I think these guys only live in deaert-type environments.


Afshan said...

These are really cute
I love those chipmunk songs too on the You tube
All the best
Keep blogging

Sunni said...


Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

I had to move a plant today that these cute little guys were eating up, so hopefully, they won't find it.

I'll check out your blog too, if I can find it.