Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Review for Costa Rica by Lonely Planet

From Amazon

This is an excellent resource book, if you plan to travel to Costa Rica. In addition, it is small enough to take along for easy reference, measuring 5” by 7 ¾” by 3/4”. The authors have separated the book into sections of the country, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Each section has detailed maps of each major town in that section, along with information on many places to stay, whether your preference is a hotel or hostel. There is also mention of numerous places to eat, along with activities to get involved in, such as tours, festivals, golf, horseback riding, kayaking, etc. There is so much detail in this book that it makes it easy to take a do-it-yourself sightseeing tour.

This guide even lays out how to get around, if you haven’t rented a car. It gives ferry and bus service schedules in areas that provide them, giving the price, times of service, and approximately how long it takes to get to your destination.

The authors have covered everything from one end of the country to the other and important places of interest are marked on easy to follow colored maps.

Each section provides info on the towns in the area, as well as any activities in that town. There is also a list of lodging and eating-places. The traveler can make arrangements easily after they are tired of looking at everything the country has to offer.

As a bonus, in the beginning of each section of the country, there is a brief history, details on climate, and the best time to visit, along with a list of parks.

In the back of the book, there is a more detailed history of the country, as well as tips on living there and basic Spanish you may need to know in order to speak with the locals.

The book has many beautiful colored pictures of the gorgeous scenery and animals you might see on your adventure. I can’t think of anything that isn’t covered. Even the cover features a colorful tree frog that makes you anticipate booking this trip.

5 stars

Wonderful Travel Guide for Costa Rica

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