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Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Payback is a Bitch...

...Even for cats. Right now, two of girls are fighting over the top bunk in the cat tree. This started a week ago. Tootie hasn’t been up there, in the crow’s nest, for a year. One day, she launched herself from the back of the recliner and landed in the cat tree. Once there, she crawled up several levels to reach the top.

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She stayed up there all day much to Koki’s disgust. The next day it was the same thing, and so on. Koki thought that was her exclusive spot. She took it over after the boys passed on.

She looked up at us with a worried frown, and fussed and fretted about, wanting us to get Tootie down. When we didn’t, she took it upon herself to try to prod Tootie out of there. David swatted her on the behind, and Koki sped off upstairs where she hid the rest of the day.

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We finally figured out what the whole thing is about, payback. Tootie always sits in David’s lap while he’s watching TV. Lately, Koki decided to make herself at home there. You could see Tootie sitting on the sidelines wringing her hands (paws). Koki would stay there for hours, so Tootie finally found a way to pay her back.

It’s funny to think this crazy stuff goes though a cat’s mind.

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nutschell said...

cats are so funny--even when they don't mean to be.:) love how your kitties have such different personalities, too:)

Sunni said...


Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes, the cats all have different personalities. What gets me is how they work out in their heads how to pay each other back for certain offenses.

Sometimes they look at us with sorrowful expressions. "Do something," they say. When we don't, they figure out what to do themselves.