Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Plugging Away on my Book

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I’m still working on my mystery book, trying it get it all right. This is turning into quite the challenge with writing it in first person and something that I’m not sure I’ll do again. At this stage, I can say that third person is much easier. I am learning a lot and stretching my boundaries, so that is one good thing about this situation.

Of course, along with this, I am trying to keep up with my blog posts, as well as write up some posts for the A to Z challenge in April. I have not signed up for this yet, although I probably will give it a go in the end. Now, I am not even at the halfway point on my letters. The problem here is that I have to get all this done before we take our trip to Central America. I probably won’t get a lot of writing time while I’m there, although I am taking the laptop with me. However, I have to share it with my husband, so we can do email while we’re gone.

No date is set yet, although we are shooting for next month sometime, still trying to work that out. Meanwhile, with all this on my plate, I am trying to read as many of your posts and to leave comments as I have time. Unfortunately, life does go on at the same time and sometimes all this writing business has to take a temporary back seat.

I have the first chapter of my mystery book posted, if anyone wants to read it and leave me feedback. Here is the link.

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