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Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The History Lesson

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Well, you people I forgot to post yesterday. You have absolutely no idea what my life has been like for the last month. I now know every square inch of the southern US real estate market, area weather, amenities, taxes, etc. It was definitely a new type of history lesson for me.

As some of you know, I am in the process of moving – or at least searching out places where this may be. There is so much to take in, besides the weather, which is a big factor. My husband and I have decided we can’t do weather extremes anymore, or would prefer not to. I have been all over the south US states as well as Panama, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, not to mention the Dominican Republic the last month. I have spent my days and nights researching all on this stuff that there is possible to research in these new locations to call home. This has worn me out and my mind is mush, too many things bombarding me about all this stuff. This includes the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as the magnificent.

Don’t we all have a fear of the unknown? I sure do and am quite leery about moving to a foreign country sight unseen. I think we will be going on a week trip to explore, but a week is hardly enough time to make a life decision.

I’m starting to feel ten year older than I am, but at the same time, I’m trying to put on a happy face about all of this and decide what I can part with. This is a hard thing to do after 40 years of collecting things that you think are “just right.” I wish I could afford two houses and then the decision would be easy. I could store what I want to keep here in the states, what I can’t move abroad right now because of costs. That is where you people with kids would have it easy – just give your belongings to the kids temporarily.

Wherever we go, I can’t see myself ever thinking of it as home and I’m sure I’ll be back in the US eventually (at least I hope, unless I am priced out of the market). And if I have some stuff stored I won’t have to start completely over at 80 or so, which would be overwhelming. This is my husband’s dream and he has itchy feet, as always, and is never satisfied with where he is, so if I outlive him, I intend to come back stateside, if I have any family left to come back to.

Maybe I am being a sissy about all this, but if I was in my twenties, I am sure I would feel differently about things.

How would you take to moving offshore in your 60’s? Is this smart or foolish? I really welcome all your feedback.

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