Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

In Memory of the authors who died in 2014

We lost eight writers this year.  Do you have any of their books in your library?

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Wikipedia

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1927-2014) Nobel Prize winner, Columbian writer of magical realism.  He wrote six novels, four novellas, and several short story collections, as well as seven non-fiction books and one film.

 Nadine Gordimer - Wikipedia
Nadine Gordimer (1923-2014) Nobel Prize winner, South African writer and political activist wrote epic pieces dealing with moral and racial issues.  She wrote fifteen novels, twenty-one short story collections, as well as one play and several other works.

 Peter Matthiessen - Wikipedia

Peter Matthiessen (1927-2014) won the National Book Award three times.  He was a naturalist, wilderness writer and a CIA agent.  He was co-founder of the literary magazine, The Paris Review.  He wrote eleven fiction books and twenty-two non-fiction books.

 Farley Mowat - Wikipedia

Farley Mowat (1921-2014) A Canadian author and environmentalist who wrote forty-five books including novels, short stories and plays.

P.D. James - Wikipedia

P.D. James (1920-2014) Crime fiction pioneer born in England.  She won acclaim with her Adam Dalgliesh mysteries.  She wrote nineteen detective novels, most of them featuring her police commander Adam Dalgliesh.  She wrote nine other works.  Fifteen of her books were adapted for film or TV.  She was also a baroness.

Sue Townsend - Wikipedia

Sue Townsend (1960-2014), an English writer whose works include novels and screenplays.  She wrote fourteen novels, two non-fiction books and twelve plays.

 Daniel Keyes - Wikipedia
Daniel Keyes (1927-2014) Hugo Award winner who wrote mainly fiction, science fiction and fantasy.  He wrote nine novels and two collections of short stories.  Two of his works were adapted for film.

Mary Stewart - New York Times

Mary Stewart (1916-2014) was a romance/mystery writer born in England.  She wrote gothic romance and historical fiction novels.  Fifteen gothic romances, five King Arthur novels, two children’s novels and a poetry collection.  Her King Arthur tales are wonderful.

May they all rest in peace and readers continue to enjoy all the characters they brought to life through their books.

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