Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Thursday, December 4, 2014

First things first

It’ll be a couple more weeks before I can get back to rewrites on mystery novel number one.  With Xmas coming, it’s time to think about gifts and get all that out of the way first because I have to mail stuff.  Sometimes I wish family lived closer and maybe someday I’ll live closer to them.  We’ll see.

Right now, I’m making my mom a family calendar, like I do every year.  Gathering pics is a real challenge, but I get a few new ones to work with every year.  It takes me a good two weeks to get this thing together.  I have a template for the calendar pages, but the dates have to be changed on it every year so it matches the actual calendar year coming up.  Then I always add family birthdays, anniversaries and holidays in all the appropriate places.  Once that’s done, it’s time to tackle the picture portion.

Actually, I enjoy this part because I get to use a different creative ability and work in Photoshop (in layers) to assemble the collage that will go on each page for each month.  Once it’s all finished, I can print it taking extra care I put the right calendar on the right picture page because it will be a flip calendar when finished in size 8 ½ X 11.

Back of 2014 Calendar

The back page takes the longest because I put a thumbnail pic of each month’s picture back there.  It looks really nice when completed, but is a detailed and time consuming job.

My next post will be about writing I hope.

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