Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The NaNo Challenge is coming to a close

This is the last day to slay 50K and win the NaNo Challenge.  How are you doing?

I hope you didn’t give up and throw in the towel.  Even if you are short of the 50K, you still have that much written toward what may become a masterpiece later.  And even if it doesn’t, the NaNo is a good writing exercise to keep your mind active.  I know firsthand it’s been a stressful month.

I attained my goal of hitting the 50K mark the day before Thanksgiving.  I set that date for myself from the get-go and I would do it no matter what.  This contest takes a lot of determination.  You can’t let anything stand in our way of writing daily or going on long marathons of writing at one time.

On the twenty-sixth, my husband asked me if I’d finished.  Yes, he discovered I was doing NaNo this year.  I told him no, but the day wasn’t over yet, at which he gave me a look that either said “are you crazy?  Or you mean you’ll continue writing until midnight if that’s what it takes?”  Of course he knew the answer to that already because he knows how tenacious I can be.

So at 11:30 PM on Thanksgiving eve, I checked my word count to verify my novel on the NaNo site and found I had 51,781 words and enough to win the competition even though my book isn’t finished.  Now I could breathe easier and have a more relaxed Thanksgiving.

I’ll set that manuscript aside for now with notes on how I intend to finish the story and go back to my first mystery novel, rewrite the next chapter, and get that to the girl who is kind enough to read it for me and make suggestions.

One day down the road, I’ll have a mystery series I can publish.  I’ve got three books written so far although the last one, which was my NaNo entry this year, isn’t finished and all three need to be edited and rewrites done. 

But I feel I’m making headway as a writer and learning a lot along the way.  I know I still have the stamina to finish 50K in a month and that feels good.  This was my third year at NaNoWriMo.

Does anybody else want to share how they did?

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